KABC 2016 sitelogo3The Dr. Dee Show. Create a Powerful, Positive Life Using Neuropsychology and Well-Being

Dr.Dee Show whtDr. Dee, trained in Neuropsychology and Clinical Psychology, is involved in both clinical and research projects that investigate the effects of the brain on functioning throughout the life span. She has conducted hundreds of diagnostic neuropsychological evaluations including forensic, dementia, brain-injury, combat-related PTSD of veterans, developmental disabilities, and severe mental health disorders, and received her training in institutions such as UCLA, Veterans Affairs, Juvenile Justice, and Mental Health centers.

She is also the creative mind behind the development and implementation of a unique Mind-Body cognitive technique utilizing over 100 types of artistic expressions in movement, fine art, and meditation. Dr. Dee lectured nationally and internationally, including Europe and Israel, in a variety of subjects including the brain, psychology, and spirituality. Highly educated yet forward thinking, Dr. Dee is going to challenge your thinking on the “hot potatoes” of psychology, and inspire you to make the changes that you wish in your life using mind over heart, passion over despair, and action over inertia!

People experience psychological issues throughout their lives, and every person has something “to work on.” Dr. Dee is going to introduce and discuss the various aspects that affect our sense of happiness, dignity, and self-worth, such as: dating, love and marriage, talents, aspirations, education, family, and existential concepts, but also the hardships we may encounter, such as social dysfunction, depression/anxiety, concussions, job searching, aging, bullying, autism, psychological difficulties, and much more.

Dr Wright Dr Dee in StudioListen to a show that is positive, holistic, cutting-edge, “thinking out of the box,” embracing challenges and “pushing the limits,” thinking through things, and allowing room for questions and creativity to meet. Become an integral part of the forward motion towards mental, physical, and spiritual well being!

In addition to Neuropsychology, Dr. Dee is also educated in Economics, Accounting, School Teaching, Hypnosis, Therapy, Kabbalah, martial arts, Tai Chi, dance, and singing.

Dr. Dee has accomplished much in her life on her own, going through “the system” from scratch, as an immigrant first, and then as a proud American. Yet, she is very thankful to Divine supervision and her guardian angels.

Dr. Dee is also in an advisory role on the Board of Trustees of the National Association of Neuropsychology Foundation and the founder and leader of the Women Finding Balance Special Interest Group for the Los Angeles County Psychological Association.

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