Brain WellnessWhat is brain wellness?

Brain wellness is a term that describes a lifestyle that maximizes brain health. Because out brain is the CEO of our body and mind, it is the most precious body part that we have.

It is also the most complicated body part in the sense that our brain is forever dynamic, gets influenced and influences, up to our last breath of life. Our brain controls everything that we do, feel, or think, but it is also sensitive and responsive to our daily environment, our human interactions, the experiences that we have, the foods that we eat, and the beliefs that we hold.

For our brain to function at maximum capacity, for the longest duration of time, it needs the best fuel and the best care. Not only that we must avoid physical, emotional, and spiritual toxicity, we need to load up on health-nourishing activities, experiences, foods, and people.

Many medical conditions are highly linked to poor choices in self-care: lots of stress, negative beliefs, toxic relationships, poor nutrition, chemical-loaded environment, lack of exercise, sense of existential aimlessness, poor sense of self-worth, and abuse of our body with self-harming activities such as substance abuse. Many medical conditions can be significantly improved with natural and easy remedies and simple changes in life style.

Our brain also controls our emotions. Our eating habits and physical activities directly affect the way we feel every minute of the day. Poor eating habits can result in mood problems that mimic psychological disorders and cause symptoms of depression, anxiety, irritation, and more. It is therefore crucial to examine your eating habits and life style to truly understand the source of the problems and make the necessary changes to improve your mental and physical health.

Our center offers monthly classes and private lectures that provide extensive review of research support, specific skills, and detailed guidelines to put you on the path of maximizing your brain health and experience your life in a whole new way, and in the optimal way to live.

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